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A community of cancer survivors supporting each other.

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(January 23, 1958 - February 21, 2010)


I was diagnosed with stage IIIC cancer of the recto-sigmoid colon one week before my 50th birthday. Feb. 27th 2008 I had the cancer surgically removed. The lesion was 4.2 cm. Had been growing for 7 or more years. I thought my problem was just hemorrhoids. Now I'm preaching colonoscopy. Second day in the hospital my surgeon came to my room and gave me the news that 4 of the 8 lymph nods showed positive for cancer. Which meant those bad cells were now free agents able to move about where ever. Medi port surgery installation Mar. 19 08 Started Chemo Mar. 25 08 Chemo drugs 5 FU, Leucovorin, Eloxatin, Neupogen shots. Started Radiation Apr. 21 08 Finished June 3 08 total of 27 treatments. Chemo continues. Pet scan done Aug. 6 08 unfortunately it is showing 3 cancerous nodes in my right lung. Started new chemo treatment Aug 21 08 Still taking 5 FU, Leucovorin and Neupogen shots. No more Eloxatin thank goodness. Have added Avastin and Camptosar. Dec 23 08 CT Scan now showing growth and increased numbers of tumors on my lungs and the cancer is now in my liver too. Dec 30 2008 start new chemo of Erbitux and Camptosar. Had 6 treatments from Dec 30 to Feb 4 09. CT Scan Feb 6 09 shows growth in all lesions with the fastest growing cancers in the liver. We've stopped treatments. Seems there isn't anything else to try. It is possible that I can get in on a trail through Mayo Clinic. Husband and I went there Mon. Feb 16. Now we wait to talk to my oncologist next week and go from there. Turns out there weren't many trials for my specific situation. So further research brought me to Vitamin C Infusion. After a few research phone calls I started Vit C IV April 12 09 at KU Med. Got injections every 3rd day. Started juicing and eatting everything healthy. Ended VitC IV at St. Francis May 8 09 and last scan May 11th 09. Cancers have coninued in their progression. So we have now officially quit treatments and plan to enjoy what time we have left taking trips. Thus far we have been to San Diego, then to Southern Missiouri to the river for a week and then we went to Colorado for week and played in the mountains. Had hospice to the house for first visit July 9 09. July 22 09 got hospice hospital bed.

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August 12, 2008

Lawrence, Kansas

January 23, 1958

February 21, 2010

Cancer Survivor

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Colon and Rectal Cancer

February 27, 2008

Stage 4

4.1 - 5.0 cm


There is nothing that I like about cancer itself. I hope we find a cure and I pray it will be a kind one.

Chemo & radiation are worse than the caner itself. However if I'd experienced even one positive result along the way, my answer might be a differant one.

You all are already doing it.

Left lung, then right lung, then liver. Last scan May 11, 09


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